We became artists-in-residence at the Pershing. When you can do that, you can develop all sorts of things, that’s what had happened to us; playing each night with the same personnel, same configuration, and developing things on a nightly basis is a wonderful opportunity. All young people should be able to become artists-in-residence, but that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s a rarity now. It may exist, but on a different level than what it was then.1


I chose that when I came back from New York. I went to the Pershing. I asked the owners, look, I don’t want to travel anymore, I want to stay in one place. So, they said, “Sure. Come on in,” and I stayed there, and what happened, monumental things, one of them being one of the most historic records in the history of American classical music/ jazz. Israel Crosby, one of the great players of all time, Vernel Fournier, and myself At the Pershing, it’s heard all over the world.

  1. Bang On A Can []
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